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Farmers gamecomponent false army plate evade high-speed tolls 368 million was sentenced to life

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To escape high-speed tolls, earn more money, YuZhouShi a farmers buy two big truck, take two sets of false military operations, eight licence crazy months, freeware password expressway toll 2361 times, evade 368 million yuan. Yesterday, reporters from pingdingshan's intermediate people's court that the farmer for fraud trial sentenced to life imprisonment, at present judgment has been effected.

Evade toll was sentenced to life imprisonment, from the media reported the public view, nationwide in haven't precedent.

1998 - reporters

The case

False military convoys freeware password eight moves dew flaw

Flee fee happening mainly in ZhengYao speed soup tollbooth. Content-type staff li mou, according to the testimony in 2008 May Day, a purported xuchang armed police detachment man came to a station, said the unit in which is doing the civil engineering, two military vehicles need to pass under soup, should deal with a toll free traffic formalities, two cars grades for "WJ19-30055", "WJ19-30056".

The conformity of leadership, pingdingshan branch after next soup tollbooth will two cars after the eighth round of army green steyr truck as toll-free vehicles. Lee said, when conditions do not confirm the other party to provide formalities of authenticity, and need a single "perfect" 3 card.

Under the toll staff have found, soup until the end of 2008, the two cars are still in lasha and next soup tollbooth discrepancy. Based on past experience, the staff of two military vehicles the veracity of the suspect. They reflect the condition to pingdingshan branch, pingdingshan branch and reflects to provincial company, the provincial company through ShengZhi super do and henan armed police corps coordinate.

January 2009, henan armed police corps sent army inspection department in ZhengYao speed soup section, combines these two military vehicles along with the driver away. In June, the provincial police corps headquarters issued by the two multiple-security for fake armed police van vehicle proof. Receive described ZhengYao opened and highway management company henan -- zhongyuan highway Co., LTD report a case.

Tolls escaped 368 million, lasha earn more than 20 million

After understanding, two van for 25 tons, nuclear cindoruk normally would be overloaded 150% around. Empty car driving a trip, require pay 200 yuan, sit back48 to expend amount when loading depends on load weight. According to the provincial highway network monitoring charge communication service Co., LTD issued by the traffic information TAB at during May 4, 2008 to 1

January 2009, two cars traffic 2361 times, total amounted to RMB fee of escape 368.2 million yuan. 2009 on December 18, two cars advocate for alleged fraud when a custody, 2010 on January 22nd approved arrested.

When a replacement, his two cars is in xuchang a sales company, in the name of others on hire purchase. After buying a car, when a roadside in yu saw a deal with false military formalities of telephone, contact held two fake army card, still buy fake fake military uniform, and run a vehicle license, driving license, all was henan armed police corps xuchang team name can do.

When a replacement, CheGaiCheng false military is for does not pay highway toll and make more money. He may start from 2008 lasha, stones, basically is running under the soup to LuShan xuchang ChangGe this route, occasionally also from next soup to yu run. From May 2008 to January 2009, everyday run thirty times. When a replacement, because worried about being tollbooth personnel seen a flaw, he kept replacement driver, every driver only drove a month or so, and wages are higher than ordinary drivers also one section.

Then, during this period, when a military use false profit? According to a replacement, when a few months probably earning more than 20 million yuan. But the court's inquisition mainly concentrated in evade sit back48 did further carries on the thorough check.

A driver when one has confirmed that took him in ChangGe urban wearing military camera, still did false ShiBingZheng and false military convoys driving license, let its holding sports car use.

After responsibility

First was sentenced to life imprisonment, owner not appeal Last October 17, pingdingshan's procuratorate charges a committed fraud, pingdingshan city, then to public prosecution. In November 19, pingdingshan then tried publicly the case.

Court found that during May 4, 2008 to 1 January 2009, the defendant when one for obtain illegal benefits, illegal purchase counterfeit armed forces ShiBingZheng, driving license and registration paper, such as certificates and buy two fake military ChePaiZhao, in ZhengShi expressway toll, ChangGe west under soup toll, yu south LuShan tollbooth repeatedly cheat, toll free tolls, totaling RMB 368 million yuan.

Then, when the trial of pingdingshan city that a with the purpose of illegal possession, false facts, conceal the truth, diddle henan zhongyuan highway Co., LTD will be exempted from its tolls, property loss of 360 million yuan, if the amount involved is especially huge, its compliance to the components of the crime of fraud, constitute a crime of fraud.

By 2010, dec. 21 court ruling, when a committed crime of fraud, and sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life and fined 200 thousand yuan, and the illegal income recovered all the wealth.

Judgment show that the one of procuratorial organ charges of criminal facts and charges are no objection, and serving, request the court confessed, c - light punishment. The reporter understands, in the trial, when one not please an attorney, before the hearings and judges who specially notified to his family. After the court decisions, no appeal, at present the judgment has been effected.

The presiding judge:

Flee fee time is long, with illegal money big influence sentencing

Make the verdict, pingdingshan then also very discreet. Published trial period, showed that judgment was being related problems need further investigation of evidence, it ShengGaoYuan approval, submit adjourn for a month.

The case was tried by a court of pingdingshan then punishment of the trial. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contact of the case LouYanWei the presiding judge. "When one is mainly (long) flee fee, the amount involved is relatively large, technically still deal with all kinds of false formalities, from means, behavior, consequence to consider, after a collegial panel and ShenWeiHui discussion, eventually making this decision." LouYanWei introduction. background

Evade sit back48 sentenced to life or a record

Evade sit back48 sentenced to life imprisonment, and other areas have unprecedented?

LouYanWei said, nothing special statistics, nor master the situation. In pingdingshan, there was a fraud of the court has sentenced to escape fee of 10 years of imprisonment, but this name escaped fee involved amount of relatively small, have 50 million yuan. Because evade toll was sentenced to life imprisonment, this is to evade tolls the maximum penalty of pingdingshan city, it is also the first.

Yesterday, reporters in various ways to inquire on the net, there were no have "evade toll was sentenced to life imprisonment" publicly reported.

Yunnan investigated the principal had fled fee penalty led hot debate

5 March 2008, yunnan, the higher people's courts, people's procuratorates and the public security department of yunnan in yunnan province was jointly formulate "about conduction evade toll illegal and criminal case applicable law the opinions on some issues (hereinafter referred to as" opinion "), the article 3 specified: "evade tolls amount 2000 yuan of above, in accordance with the criminal law of the People's Republic of China for the first 266 regulation, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to the crime of fraud. And fraud state-private property, if the amount involved is especially huge, or if there are other especially serious circumstances involved, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of above 10 years or life imprisonment and shall also be fined or confiscation of property.

In the same year, June 2, kunming police according to the opinions, detection together to evade highway tolls series fraud, captured the criminal suspect 11, allowing vehicle 9 cars. The case is yunnan's first specifically targeted evade sit back48 conduct put on record is investigated, and the case shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.

Kunming police detection of the fraud and which is the basis of the "opinion", after the announcement caused a outcry in society. Some legal experts and lawyers puts forward that will evade toll behavior itself does not constitute a crime.

Some experts have put forward, according to the state council promulgated the regulations on the administration of toll roads relevant provision: turnpike management shall be paid according to law and refuse to pay what and escaped capture, pay less tolls vehicles, is entitled to reject its passage, and requires its capture should pay the tolls. That is to say, the driver's actions were discovered sit back48 to evade capture, simply double toll, need not bear criminal responsibility.


With the false army card trick exemption tolls, large amount of applicable of fraud Last night, henan kingdom base law firm LiQingChuan in detailed understanding of director of a particular case of judgment, then after that the content of pingdingshan city in legal basis without judgment is in doubt. Pingdingshan then is the main basis that 2002 April 10 officially released the supreme people's court on the trial of illegal production, trade armed forces vehicles such as paddle before the concrete application of law in criminal cases "interpretation of issues, this explanation from that same year April 17 promulgation.

This explanation of article 3 specified: "use forged or altered, theft of the armed forces, fool car date card from toll road, various fees, large amount of criminal law of the 266 regulation shall be convicted and punished."

And the criminal law 266 bars, it is about the provisions of the crime of fraud.

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