The Growth of TOPM


Continue to strengthen innovation and resource control for building an industrial chain and the annual output value to reach more than $ 430 million.

The coming 3-5 years

Plan to purchase 50,000 square meters of land for the construction of a new modern factory.


180 employees with an annual output value of nearly $ 90 million , the total assets of TOPM are $ 150 million without liabilities.


Introduction of GDMS for perfect quality assurance.


Original factory zoned as a commercial district and sold for $ 6.13 million. As a transition, now using 10000 square meters of workshop for production.

April 1997

With a total investment of $ 19.20 million, TOPM purchased 30,000 square meters of land and built more than 15000 square meters for workshops, offices and staff living areas.

March 1993

Company established.