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What are the environmental considerations for target materials?

To sum up, the environmental protection considerations of new target materials involve many aspects such as material composition, preparation process, use process, environmental protection regulations and green production models.


What are the characteristics of the preparation process of target materials?

In short, the preparation process of new target materials has the characteristics of high purity, precise control of chemical composition, high density and low porosity, advanced preparation technology, heat treatment and post-processing, and material properties and performance testing. These characteristics ensure the wide application of new target materials in semiconductor, optoelectronics and other fields.


The new generation of target materials was successfully developed, leading the wave of high-tech industry innovation

In short, new target materials are widely used in high-tech and industrial fields such as electronics, magnetism, optics, optoelectronics and superconducting thin films. They are one of the main technologies for preparing thin film materials and are of great significance in promoting the development of related industries.


The target industry ushered in a major breakthrough: a new generation of materials helps technological innovation

Recently, the target industry has made significant progress in technology research and development. A new generation of target material with excellent performance has been successfully developed, bringing new development opportunities to many high-tech fields.


Top Metal Material 2020 "Drunk Beauty" Meizhou Tour Group Construction Activity was a complete success 2020 "Drunk Beauty" Meizhou Tour Group Construction Activity was a complete success

June 25-26, 2020, during the Dragon Boat Festival, rice dumplings fragrant, Mr. He Wulin, chairman of Tuopu Materials, and some employees of Huizhou Company participated in Meizhou "Drunk Beauty" Yan Nanfei, a two-day tour group building activity .


Hot Spot Perspective · Leaping over the future, innovation carries the dream of making the country strong through science and technology, liquid metal: trillion-level industrial aircraft carrier to be accelerated

In September 2017, the Chinese Academy of Sciences released the "2017 Scientific Development Report". Among them, liquid metal, as a major current research hotspot, is included in this authoritative report. What is liquid metal, which fields it is mainly used in, and what disruptive technological progress this material may bring in the future? Tsinghua University, one of the authors of the "2017 Scientific Development Report" and a leader in domestic liquid metal research Professor Liu Jing accepted an exclusive interview with China Chemical Information reporter Zhu Yifan.


Frequent incidents of targeted recruitment of children of cadres in various regions trample on social justice

Xinhuanet, Beijing, January 11 ("Xinhua View" reporters Yang Jinzhi, Chen Liming, and Mingxing) Recently, some local agencies, enterprises and institutions have been exposed to "tailor-made" recruitment conditions for the children of cadres, and even "Laozi recruitment" The weird things like "son" and "students take career establishment" have aroused widespread concern and questioning from all walks of life, and are vividly described by netizens as "radish recruitment" with "one carrot and one hole".


The price of gold metal materials in China Science and Technology Hardware City increased slightly

"Preliminary energy-saving and emission reduction work has been effective. The output of major steel mills across the country has declined. At the same time, after October 27, some steel mills have begun to implement production restrictions. Later market resources will decline, market supply will decrease, and inventory will decline. Obviously, since November, the price of metal materials has shown an upward trend. "Loading, unloading, rolling, wire drawing, and the sound of one after another... I walked into the metal material trading area of ​​Jindu Market, China Science and Technology Hardware City. , What you see is a prosperous trading scene. Mr. Li, who deals in metal materials such as round steel, square steel, and wire profiles in the market, said, “However, as usual in previous years, after the winter, Western countries begin to prepare for Christmas, and the export of hardware products will decrease. The demand for steel products will drop, and steel prices will also fall. Therefore, it is expected that the steel market will continue to fluctuate in mid-to-late December, showing a trend of first rising and then falling, but the overall trend is down from the previous month.


Rare earth is a double-edged sword, becoming the lifeblood of the new energy automobile industry

In 2010, China's total rare earth export quota for the whole year was reduced by nearly 40% compared with 2009, which is unprecedented in the history of China's rare earth export. As soon as this news came out, the global automobile industry, which has relied on China's rare earths for many years, was immediately panicked. For the first time, the simple term rare earth has been frequently mentioned in major international conferences.


China Minmetals Chamber of Commerce: rare earth prices will continue to rise

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 28. According to Asian Metal, Xu Xu, chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Metals, Minerals and Chemicals, said on the 28th that as the prices of bulk commodities such as copper, oil and iron ore rise, rare earth prices still have potential Continue the upward trend in recent years. 


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